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The recent brouhaha at the Miss Universe Pagent, featuring the gorgeous and classy Miss Colombia, Ariadna Guiterrez, brought a sharp focus internationally on her country. The Steve Harvey tweets that followed, with the misspelling of the country’s name, even more so. US Americans tend to not know a lot about our neighbor way down to the south, relying on fictitious media programs.

My Colombian friends, and please, please do use the proper spelling, have put up with so much misinformation, so many stereotypes, about their culture and their country. It frustrates and angers them, and justifiably so. It’s a beautiful country with gorgeous, wonderful people, and deserves respect and admiration. And don’t forget the coffee. Never forget their coffee. I can’t do without it.

Think you know Colombia because of narco movies and tv series? No. It’s much, much more than that, and none of it. Just like people around the world think the US is made up of Cowboys and Native Americans, people tend to believe what movies and tv feed us.

That’s part of the reason why my hero from The Coffee Prince is a Colombian native, with sophistication, education, mind-blowingly handsome looks, smoldering sexual charisma, and intelligence. Without spoilers, I can tell you Tomas is more than he appears, and I mean in very, very good ways.

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