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An Addictive Menage Series by Stephanie Julian

Sometime in 2014, I downloaded on my then neglected Amazon Kindle part 1 of Stephanie Julian’s An Indecent Affair. It was free, the cover was, and is, gorgeous, and the premise was enticing. Page forward almost two years, and I was looking through my unread books on my iPad Mini Kindle Reader App and re-found the book.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Sorry, I know those are incomplete sentences, but this series completely blew my mind. Some menage books have one dimensional “we Tarzans, you Jane” premises and the plots are thin enough to mistake for a window. Julian’s two heroes and their heroine are much, much more.

I stayed up too late and read the first part, which is more like a short novella than a book, and craved more. I was like a soccer mom wanting a margarita at Friday Happy Hour. Instead of buying the rest as part of the complete set, I ended up buying them one by one, generating a bit of money for Stephanie, but satisfying my crave for more stories about her trio of lovers. While the ending seemed a bit unsettled for the three’s future, I was content that it had reached a satisfying conclusion.