Guest Post by Peri Elizabeth Scott for Not Just Friends


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Welcome, Peri Elizabeth Scott, to my blog. Tell us about Not Just Friends, a new Evernight Publishing Romance on the Go.
Thank you for having me on your blog today!
He has an
insatiable penchant for tall, leggy blondes, and Taylor Simmons finds Nash
Porter’s reputation unsettling, despite how much she likes the guy. As she’s
come to learn over the years, there’s more to Nash than his assumed sexual
prowess, and her short, brunette stature ensures their solid friendship will
remain just that.
Except Nash
has been invading her personal space of late, and that’s far more unsettling.
It’s time to extricate herself from his sphere, because she can’t have anything
more than a friendship with someone who reminds her of a past she conquered and
left behind. Unless Nash can convince her otherwise…
Christina made her name sound like a rebuke.
“Hi, Chris.” She
concentrated on her driving, the speaker above her head crackling a little.
“You’re not here.
It’s Thursday.”
“I told you I had
to work. I left you a message.”
“Oh. Today?” Her friend
wasn’t great at checking her voicemail.
“You should have
Voices swelled in
the background and a door slammed. “Everyone’s here but you.”
“Again, I’m sorry.
The client could only meet after work.” And on any day of the week, so Taylor
chose Thursday. A couple of weeks without seeing Nash should put things back to
“So it’s not… Wait
a second.” Another door closed, and things were quieter. “So it’s not because
of Nash?”
Wait. What?
“You’ll have to speak up, Chris. I’m driving and hands free isn’t as clear.”
“It isn’t about
“What about him?”
There, a nice, nebulous response while she gathered her thoughts.
“Um, Bryan said…
Well, he said Nash and you were … exploring something.”
No. And no. He did
not. She gripped the wheel and checked her mirror, pulling into the outside
lane and finding a place to drive off and stop. The little turnoff was graveled
and it gritted beneath the tires, much the same way Christina’s newsflash
ground in her brain.
“Sorry, traffic.”
She slammed the shifter into Park and set her forehead on the steering wheel.
Any softer feelings for Nash blew right out the window. “I don’t follow. The
thing about Bryan and Nash.”
Christina huffed.
“They were talking at work and Nash told Bry that he was interested. In you.
Like dating.”
Her laughter might
filter through the hands free as more convincing than it sounded in the
confines of the car. Bad words hovered in her throat and she swallowed them
down. She chose something frivolous to say instead. “What was he smoking?”
“I asked the same
thing, Taylor. And you know Nash…”
“I do know Nash.”
Taylor leaned her head back on the seat rest. “And I don’t date … guys who have
a different woman every week, Chris. What, has he run out of tall, leggy blondes
in this state? It’s not that far over the line into the next one. An easy
They both laughed,
but in truth, Taylor felt like crying. She’d known Nash for five years, met him
when Christina drew her into their little group. The ensuing years had evoked a
deeper, more intimate relationship with all the members, including Nash. She
knew his foibles and his strengths. He was a good man and a good friend, and in
a short period of time, she managed to overlook—or at least not judge, too
much—his way with the ladies. His incredible good looks went a long way, but
after seeing them as often as she had, they didn’t have the same impact. Right?
His sense of humor
and fairness, his caring for family and friends, kindness to animals, his
strong work ethic, and total honesty made up most of the fabric that was Nash
Porter. She flinched in that moment. Maybe he saw past Taylor’s definitely not leggy, blonde, and beautiful
appearance and appreciated who she was behind her exterior. What had he said?
Kind and gentle—when she wasn’t on a righteous crusade—and with a core of
steel. Hardly superficial, when she thought on it. She stared into the rear
view mirror, surveying her tousled brown hair that curled in any amount of
humidity, but was soft with natural highlights, and framed her small face
Her eyes were her
best feature, widely spaced beneath feathered eyebrows, their hazel depths
shifting with her moods or reflecting the colors she wore. Today they were
green. Green for uncertainty. She ran a finger down her straight nose and
tapped her lips. She was pressing them too tightly together of late, so she
relaxed them into their natural fullness. Centerfold material she was not, but
she wasn’t ugly either. And she kept herself in shape, walking every day and
finding time in her schedule for yoga.
Her just less than
a C-cup breasts matched the rest of her, even if she sometimes longed to be a
few inches taller. Standing on tip toes could be a bummer. With a sigh, she
focused on the conversation with Christina.
“Sorry, Chris. I
missed most of that.”
“I said for sure
Nash must have run out of those blondes because he hasn’t been seeing anyone
for weeks now. Maybe months. Like a drought. Haven’t you noticed the lack of
references to any women in his life? The guys aren’t even bugging him about
them. And he’s always around lately.”
Taylor was really
glad she wasn’t driving. Her brain ticked over, sorting through the times Nash
had “just happened by” at her work of late, with a cup of her favorite tea,
saying he had business. It hadn’t made much of an impact, seeing as he was an
architect and often consulted with the interior designers—including her—in her
office building. He was being Nash, kind and thoughtful for a friend.
The teaming up
with her on game night, blocking Graham’s attempts to partner her, was
different, and more frequent. She liked Graham, but he drove her crazy when
they partnered up. When she joined forces with Nash … they fit. They got one
another and it felt so comfortable and fun. Tick,
tick, tick
Showing up to
carry her groceries to the lift those two times when she’d bemoaned that task
at game night—she hadn’t invited him in then either, and he’d given her that
little salute when she’d thanked him and … dismissed him? Lord. Was she living
in a different dimension? She hadn’t meant to be rude…
He’d been at the
coffee house nearly every time she made it there—and Morris the barista and
Nash exchanged those meaningful glances, like they had a secret. Tick, tick, tick. Had he been … courting
… her?


Bookstrand: the author:

Peri Elizabeth Scott
lives in Manitoba, Canada. Peribeth recently closed her part time private practice as a social worker and child play therapist, and now s
he and her husband have a seasonal business and pretend to work well together. Writing for
years, mostly short stories and poetry, she has published dark erotica under
another pen name and reads everything she can lay her hands on.


Guest Blogger Rose Wulf and Hostage Hearts


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Today’s guest blog comes from fellow Evernight Publishing author, Rose Wulf, talking about her new book, Hostage Hearts. Hi, Rose. Welcome.

Hello and thank you for having me today!
I’m super excited to talk to you about my latest release, Hostage Hearts! This one is a contemporary romance standalone, and a short story as a part of Evernight Publishing’s popular Romance on the Go line!
Ace Bufford’s day just went from bad to worse.
All he’d set out to do was a favor for a friend, and he’d somehow found himself barging into a random apartment with a gun in his hand. Except the sole inhabitant wasn’t a stranger; she was Lydia Caldwell. The one that got away.
She wasn’t supposed to want the man who’d pointed a gun at her. But she did. Ace had grown up in all the right ways – well, except for the gun thing. Without knowing how, Lydia suddenly found herself having to decide whether or not to embrace her unexpected attraction. And together they had to find a way to get Ace out of the mess he’d landed in, or their time together would end as abruptly as it had before….
“Why are you breaking into my apartment and pointing a gun at me after fifteen years?”
Ace released a long breath, slid the duffel from his shoulder, and took a seat on the opposite arm of the couch. “I can’t explain that,” he said as if she’d accept that line. “But for what it’s worth, I’m sorry.”
“Sorry?” she repeated incredulously. She shot to her feet, her adrenaline spiking in equal measure with her temper. “For which part, Ace? For dumping me so you could join the Army? For never returning my letters? For taking my virginity in the dirt behind the bleachers, or for not even giving me an orgasm to show for it? Or are you sorry for taking me hostage with no explanation?”
She thought for a moment she saw him cringe, but then it was gone and the hardened intruder he’d been when he’d bullied his way into her home returned. “Sit down, Lydia,” he said.
“Why? Why does it matter if I sit?”
Releasing a breath, Ace stood and lifted the gun. “Sit. Down.”
Her fury left her in a rush, leaving her feeling deflated and on the brink of tears. But Lydia swallowed that and reclaimed her seat with a grumbled, “Guess it’s not the hostage part, then.”
Running a hand through his hair, Ace replied, “I’m not that clumsy idiot boy you remember, okay? I’ve changed.”
Refusing to look at his eyes again, Lydia said, “Obviously. That boy at least pretended to care about me. He’d never have pointed a gun in my face.”
A soft thump drew her attention and Lydia glimpsed the discarded gun sitting on the farthest sofa cushion a moment before Ace hauled her up by the shoulders and crashed his lips over hers. He slid his tongue into her mouth remorselessly, burying one hand in her loose black hair as the other settled over her hip. He kissed her hard, bruising her lips and stroking his tongue over hers in a wicked rhythm. And, lord help her, she liked it.
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About Rose:
            Rose Wulf is a giant romance fangirl. Hot, protective, sometimes even downright barbaric heroes and spitfire heroines are her favorites. Rose has been writing for as long as she can remember, and over the years she’s only grown fonder of it. The bonds between characters have always captivated her, and as an author those are Rose’s favorite things to play with – not always to the relief of her fictional babies!
            Behind the scenes Rose is a quiet personality. She enjoys spending her non-writing time with her four year-old German Shepherd, Shadow, her mom, and her friends. Be it a fun game of Cards Against Humanity or a relaxing movie night, Rose believes everything is better with company. As for her own romance, she’s still searching for her hero (and hoping that, when she does find him, he’ll be willing to cook!).
Where you can find Rose:
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Guest Blog by Sarah Marsh with Out With A Bang


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Today’s guest blogger is Sarah Marsh, who’s bringing us Out With A Bang, her latest Romance on the Go by Evernight Publishing. Take it away, Sarah!

What would you do to make all your wildest fantasies come true?



Laura Harper has spent the past five years chickening out of reaching for what she truly wants, but when fate finally lays it out in front of her, will she have the courage to grab on?

Thank you so much for hosting me today to talk a little about my new release, this book started as a little short story fantasy project and I enjoyed these characters so much that I ended up writing more than I intended. How could I not with delicious characters like Grey and Barrett getting all bossy in my head? I do so love it when they get all bossy…. 😉

Out with a Bang is the first contemporary romance story I’ve written so naturally I took it to a place that I’d fantasized about before…the office. Although I have to admit, my previous fantasies didn’t involve a ménage, but they certainly do now! I hope you enjoy these characters as much as I enjoyed writing their journey.


When Laura Harper walked into her interview for Dover and Harding Engineering, she never could have imagined how rewarding it could be to find a place for herself where her organizational skills were relied upon and needed so badly. Sure it didn’t hurt that the two men who had hired her were straight out of her wildest fantasies, but had she let her feelings go too far? Was it just wishful thinking that they might want her in return?

Greyson Harding and Barrett Dover knew the moment that Laura walked into their office that they’d finally found the woman they wanted to share their life with. So they began by hiring the sweet, shy woman and had hoped that they could convince her that their interest was more than a passing attraction. But after five years they’ve finally run out of time and if they aren’t careful, they could lose Laura for good.



Adult Excerpt:

Grey loved the way Laura’s eyes dilated even further at his whispered words, and when she licked her lips, he couldn’t resist any longer. He closed the distance between their mouths and kissed her finally. When her lips opened on a gasp, he pushed forward and took her mouth like he’d been imagining for all these years.

It was sensual, and deep, filled with all the longing he’d been holding back. She tasted just as good as he knew she would have, like strawberries and the wine she’d had with dinner. He pulled back when Barrett let out a groan, knowing that he had to share the bounty of her soft mouth, and when he did, she moaned and tried to follow his retreat. Grey liked that. His cock was already hard enough to hurt, and the little noises of surrender coming from those sweet lips of hers made him ache even more to slide inside of her.

When Barrett leaned forward and took Laura’s mouth in a desperate kiss, Grey moved his attention to the delectable body that he’d been imagining for what felt like eternity. Laura kept herself covered up, but in those sexy skirts, Grey imagining bending her over on just about every surface in the office. Truth be told, it was significantly cutting into his productivity. He thought about fucking her three quarters of the day, and knew that Barrett did the same. Ironically, without her here to keep things running smoothly, their business would have suffered.

He ran his shaking hands down her sides, his thumbs barely grazing the hard nipples he could see through her dress. The dress he had bought her. He really liked the thought that she was wearing what he had chosen for her. He wondered though, what she’d picked to wear underneath it, and as he found the side zipper and slowly lowered it, his pulse was racing at the thought of all that creamy white skin that was now theirs for the taking. When he reached up and undid the clasp of the halter top around her neck, the dress slowly cascaded down her curvy body, revealing bright, red lace that made both men groan in appreciation.

“You’ve been hiding this sexy body from us for too long, baby,” Barrett said with a growl. “I want to touch it all. Grey, let’s see what’s ours.”


Where to buy:

Evernight Amazon Bookstrand All Romance Ebooks


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About the Author:

Sarah Marsh is a hopeless romantic who loves a steamy twist to her plot lines and characters who will go the extra mile in order to find their happy endings.

Sarah lives in British Columbia, Canada. She’s still working a regular day job in an office, so the escape of writing and creating new worlds is the best way to relax and let go. Creating characters who can make her laugh and fall in love at the same time will always be her inspiration, and she hopes that you’ll love them just as much as she does.

Sarah currently has a science fiction romance series published with Siren Publishing, and a dark contemporary MF romance in the works with Limitless Publishing. This is year two into the writing adventure and it’s looking to be a busy one!


Looking for more Sarah Marsh? Why not check out her Coalition Mates series? These saucy heroines can make anyone believe in a love that’s out of this world…

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