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sunflower 1

I’m a lazy gardener. Part of the reason is that I live in the devil’s armpit heat-wise in Texas and weeding has no attraction. My family produced some amazing gardeners like my grandfather and mother. They could merely touch something and it would grow luxuriantly and bloom. Potted plants given as hospital gifts turned into things that outgrew the glass ceilings of greenhouses.

Me, well let’s just say if it doesn’t die from heat, drought or frost, it’s welcome. You’d be surprised how well that works most of the time.

The sunflower above was a volunteer from my birdfeeder. Its sunny face and determined stalk cheered me every time I saw it. Another volunteer is a Mexican palm which wants to grab and devour anything within its reach. My gardener swears it’ll take my fence down if it’s not moved.

We could all learn from that sunflower and palm. Often we have no control of where life puts us, whether it’s good health, employment, or love. Learning to love where we are if it’s a healthy, good place where we’re appreciated and admired is a gift. A gift I hope you have.

Hugs to all who are down today, who are struggling, who need a hug even if it’s a virtual one. May the place you find yourself be filled with love and good things.