2015 NaNoWriMo Banner

2015 NaNoWriMo Banner

Always dreamed of being a writer, but never knew how to begin? National Novel Writing Month may help kick-start your writing career. For 30 days people of all ages, all walks of life, many nationalities will be writing towards a goal of 50,000 words.

It’s not a competition, it’s just a fun way to get used to writing as much as you can, and establish a regular writing routine.

When I first tried it years ago, I met new friends and actually finished one novel. Well, I got 50,000 words into a novel. You see, the 50K you write is totally unedited at the end so you haven’t stopped or bogged yourself down.

In December or January you can start revising and rewriting because of all the words you’ve put to paper in November.

Check out the website. It’s free, and who knows, you might be one of the NaNoWriMo finalists who gets published.

Good lock, and remember to have fun.